Autism Treatment by BSRM


Nov 2015

In autism, the brain is unable to process sensory information normally. As a result, these children are unable to respond adequately to stimulation and initiate social behavior towards family, friends, and peers. Its social impact is devastating.

There is lack of quality and affordable treatment facility and necessary awareness within the general people that autism is treatable to great extent, especially if treatment started in early age.

45BSRM has signed an agreement with Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF) with the objective to reach and reduce the pain of families who cannot receive the services of AWF, which is very costly in nature, due to financial constraint. Under this program AWF will provide training, education and
livelihood support to help establish a number of children in life. BSRM has also committed to provide financial support to help AWF build its own premises and become a service provider of international standard.