BSRM Helping CRP


Dec 2015

Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) follows holistic approach that caters for the patient’s physical, emotional, socio and economic needs during and following treatment. CRP has been working with the aim of establishing equal opportunities, equal participation and equal rights in which people with disabilities can live their lives with joy and dignity.

BSRM has taken this initiative to extend helping hands to CRP to support rehabilitation and ease the sufferings of few more unfortunate people coming from very poor families; not having own means to establish themselves after becoming helpless for physical incapacity. This program will help transform the lives of these patients.

47Assisting disabled people, to acquire skills to support themselves, will let them take off the economic and emotional burden of their families. Their self confidence and self-esteem will be reinforced. The aim of this project is to help them become more independent and live almost a normal life.

Under this program, BSRM is supporting a few patients with special need whom CRP will train and place in different organizations for which the later has already received job demand – this initiative will help these people to start a normal life.