Zero Club Foot and BSRM


Sep 2015

“Walking Clubfoot No More”: to cure and curb clubfoot deformities, this project has been initiated to provide treatment to kids who are suffering from clubfoot deformity and challenges. This medical treatment requires five years to get a child fully cured if detected on time. Designed, trailed and developed Foot Abduction Braces (FAB) are used by a patient as required by the healing process.

There is lack of quality and affordable treatment facility and necessary awareness within the general people, that, the clubfoot deformity is correctable, especially if treatment started in early age. This project envisages to treat children with clubfeet deformity using the Ponseti technique absolutely free of cost.

42About 275 children will be cured under this program over a period of five years, this will
help the families overcome the pain and the kids will live a normal and meaningful life. Given
the considerable challenges involved with local capacity building in remote areas, the number
of babies identified in each Upazila have been tracked to ensure that babies from remote areas
are not being denied treatment due to transport access or other factors.

Zero Clubfoot (ZCF), a Project of Lion Mukhlesur Rahman Foundation, has taken the responsibility of implementing and supervising the program.