CLP and BSRM Partnership


May 2015

The Chars Livelihoods Program (CLP) has been working with extreme poor households living on island (chars) in north western; aiming to improve the livelihoods of over 1mil. people. BSRM and 6 CLP NGOs partnered to work in disaster prone areas that did not fall under core beneficiary areas of CLP project such as Fulchar, Gaibandha, Shariakandi, Kurigram etc.

The drinking and household water collection was a crucial problem for those areas and was mainly done by the female members of families and children. As a result, they had to walk long distances and sometimes they neglect the issue of safe sanitation and hygiene by using polluted water. Many people have been suffering from water related health problems for drinking unsafe water. The engagement of children in carrying water over long distances meant that, they were more likely to miss school and fall behind in their education; their strength and physical growth were also endangered.


Carrying water also gave women less time to be involved in Income Generating Activities and there was a high risk for pregnant women having miscarriages while lifting heavy pots of water. 114 number of shallow tube-wells have been installed that will benefit about 1, 000 house- holds (HH) or 4, 500 people including school going children in those areas.