Vocational Training, Chittagong

Mar 2016

BSRM has partnered with Seva Sangha, a non-profit and charitable organization who offer fully free residential and vocational training facilities in the field of technical trades of electric, machine shop, welding and plumbing.

Under this project poor, neglected orphans, destitute, street boys irrespective of caste and creed are trained in order to rehabilitate them professionally in technical trades of their interest. The school runs one/two years courses with boarding/hostel facilities, help them become professionally skilled workers so that they can join the main stream workforce, build an honest, dignified, and meaningful life.

Group’s another project, Burhani BSRM School, is a Bangla medium school providing free education to over 500 slum kids. Over the years it has been observed that as soon as the kids reach 12 or 13 years of age, their parents tend to force them to drop school and join workforce to earn livelihood for the family.