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Dhaka – Mawa – Bhanga 4-Lane Expressway being built with BSRM Xtreme

17 Oct 2018

To modernize road communication between the capital and the southern region, the country’s first four-lane and 55 kilometer-long expressway is being built from Dhaka through Mawa and Padma Bridge to Faridpur’s Bhanga. We are proud to supply BSRM Xtreme 500W for this world-class project. For taking a bold futuristic step to make this venture a reality, we sincerely congratulate Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

We also express our gratitude to Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges, Roads & Highways Department, Henan Corporation Korea, 24 Engineering Construction Brigade – Bangladesh Army, 17 ECB, Abdul Monem Ltd., Spectra Engineers Ltd. and Wahid Construction Ltd.

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