BSRM Fast Build is an innovative downstream service from the country’s no. 1 steel expert BSRM, which gives customized rebar solutions for all construction related needs. Under these value-added customized services, we offer BBS (Bar Bending Schedule) development, cut & bend, and stirrups or ties. Every structure comes with its unique requirement of design and shapes. The practice of fabrication of rebar at construction sites to meet individual requirements can be labor intensive and time consuming, resulting in enormous wastage of material. The storage issue of materials at construction sites is also a great headache. Our main purpose is to provide simplified rebar solutions so that your construction becomes compliant with regulations in a safe & cost effective manner. And most importantly, your life becomes easier and stress-free. It should be mentioned that BSRM Fast Build follows Bangladesh National Building Code and ACI to deliver all these customized rebar solutions.

Types of FastBuild Services:
  • Bar Bending Schedule (BBS): This is the representation of the bend shapes and cut length of the Rebar, which are prepared from structural drawings. The BBS describes the location, mark, type, size, strength, number, and bending details of each bar in a reinforcement drawing of structure, presented in a tabular form for easy visual reference.
  • Cut & Bend: The service provides the customized lengths and shapes of the rebar as per the approved BBS following BNBC and ACI Codes. The rebars are delivered along with the proper tags.

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