From the perspective of providing complete steel solution to any construction related requirement, BSRM has high strength structural steels in its portfolio knowingly marketed with the brand name BSRM Xtrong. BSRM Xtrong angle and channel are high-strength structural steel conforming to U.S standard ASTM A572 Grade 50 and BDS ISO 630-3-2012 Grade 345. BSRM Xtrong Angle & Channel sections provides an economical alternative to steel fabricated structures compared to traditional ASTM A-36 steel. Structures made with Xtrong requires 18% to 25 % less steel compared to Grade 36 steel.

BSRM Xtrong Angles and Channels are safe during welding. Uniform length and weight ensures economic benefits to customers. As Xtrong angles and channels rolled from high quality billets, it gives better strength compared to local sectional items available in market.

BSRM Xtrong Angle & Channels are perfect for using in trusses of factory buildings, telecommunication towers and power transmission towers. BSRM Xtrong is equally suitable for using in fabrication of truck, trailer bodies and in the construction of buildings.

  • Standard: ASTM A572 Grade 50 and BDS ISO 630-3-2012 Grade 345.
  • Angles available in sizes from 25mm X 25mm X 3mm to 100mm X 100mm X 12mm and channels available in 75mm X 40mm X 5mm to 125mm X 65mm X 75mm

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