About our Supply Chain

Steel industry of Bangladesh is driven by many challenges on the ground of limited natural endowment and growing domestic demand due to high economic development. This creates an intensely complex industrial mechanism where supply chain of steel industry contributes to a great extent.

Steel industry is the basic industry which plays a critical role in the sustainable development of the economy of Bangladesh. As an industry leader, BSRM guides the key parameters of supply and demand chain of the industry. Ensuring the best quality raw materials with competitive sourcing is the main challenge within the industry.

BSRM possesses one of the biggest supply chain networks within the steel industry of Bangladesh. To meet the growing demand of the market and for sustainable growth of the industry, BSRM supply chain plays a vital role in synchronizing the end-to-end connection. Starting from the raw material sourcing to delivering the finished steels goods to the customer’s door, BSRM supply chain ensures the best level of service to meet internal and external customer satisfaction.

What We Procure

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BSRM accepts supplies of different materials to fulfill its annual feeding demand and also to ensure sustainable supply of finished steel products in the domestic and international market.

  • Scrap Sourcing
  • Machineries and Spare Parts
  • Raw Materials and Consumables
  • Logistics Support and Services

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What We Expect

As an industry leader, BSRM always ensures the quality of the steels which requires the efficient and effective sourcing of raw materials. And, this is only possible because of the trust and partnership we have with our suppliers.

As a part of this chain, BSRM expects a long term relationship with the trusted suppliers who can ensure quality materials and on time execution.


01. Assurance of Supply

Ensure the supply of required resources as per location, quantity, quality and time.


04. Cost

Ensure the effective cost based on competition, transparency, financial stability and financial models of the suppliers.


02. Quality

Ensure the supply of quality as per systems/processes available, and health authority & governance structure.


05. Innovation

Ensure the continuous innovation through statistical scientist group, productivity/process improvements, and technological solutions.


07. Environmental Compliance

Ensure conformity to the eco-friendly product sourcing, environmental laws, regulations and standards (ISO and others).


03. Service

Ensure the supply of service based on cultural fit, training, expertise, outsourcing model, management support & oversight.


06. Regulatory Compliance

Ensure the compliance with international and local standards and guidelines to reduce or eliminate risks and uncertainties.


IPDC Bangladesh Supply Chain Awards

Export Trophy, by Export Promotion Bureau (EPB)

The High Mileage Award, by TATA