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Management Committee


Tapan Sengupta

Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Tapan Sengupta, a strategically visionary leader, has been working for BSRM for the last 43 years. He is heavily focused on customers and have always ensured its importance in the operational process by aligning with compliance. His deep understanding and knowledge of the construction industry took the company a step ahead. He is a true leader. His leadership has brought various accolades and will take the company further ahead.

Hasan Zafar Chowdhury

Chief Operating Officer Steels

Mr. Hasan Zafar Chowdhury, currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer (Steel Division) at BSRM Group, has been a driving force behind the company’s success since 2010. He was instrumental in spearheading the strategic project team that contributed to BSRM’s vast infrastructure in Mirshari. With an extensive professional background, including notable tenures at Shah Cement and Unilever Bangladesh, Mr. Chowdhury brings a wealth of experience and leadership to his role.

His diverse experience across different industries, including cement and consumer goods, provides him with a unique perspective that allows him to guide BSRM through a dynamic and competitive business environment. His leadership style is characterized by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a results-oriented approach, all of which are essential qualities in steering the steel division toward sustained growth and success.

Gautam Bandopadhyay

Chief Operating Officer Wires

Since 2019, Mr. Gautam Bandopadhyay has taken on the helm of Chief Operating Officer at the Wires Division at BSRM. With an extensive and diverse professional background and experience gained from his previous roles at Kaiyuan Welding & Cutting Automation India, ADOR Welding Limited, ESAB India Limited, and Indian Oxygen Ltd., he is at the forefront of driving strategic initiatives within the wires division of BSRM. His leadership is crucial in overseeing the manufacturing processes, quality control, and operational efficiency in the production of BSRM Wires Plant. Given his past experiences in reputed organizations within the welding and manufacturing industry, he is well-equipped to navigate the operational complexities of the business.

Saumitra Kumar Mutsuddi

Head of Corporate Affairs

Mr. Saumitra Kumar Mutsuddi, Head of Corporate Affairs, has brought a wealth of experience to the company’s dynamic team. His prior roles at Dird Engineering Ltd., Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd., and Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation reflect a diverse professional journey. With a background in engineering and a proven track record in leading roles, his expertise and strategic insights position him as a valuable leader.

Shekhar Ranjan Kar FCA

Head of Finance & Accounts and Company Secretary

Since 2002, Mr. Shekhar Ranjan Kar FCA has contributed significantly to the financial success and management of BSRM. He is a qualified chartered accountant with more than 30 years of working experience in accounting, finance, taxation, and company matters. During his leadership, BSRM’s accounting team has embraced automation in key finance and accounting processes. Two BSRM entities have been listed on the Stock Exchange as Public Limited Companies under his leadership. BSRM also won several awards from ICAB, ICMAB, ICSB, SAFA, etc., for unparalleled performance in the company’s financial matters.

Sunil Kumar Das

Country Head, India

After joining in 2006, Mr. Sunil Kumar Das, served as manufacturing head for several years and is currently the BSRM Country Head of India, showcasing a long and impactful journey with the organization. His extensive tenure suggests a deep understanding of BSRM’s operations and the steel industry. In his role as Country Head, Mr. Das is instrumental in spearheading the company’s endeavors in the Indian market, driving strategic initiatives, and fostering key partnerships. With his wealth of experience, Mr. Das plays a crucial role in ensuring sustained growth and success in a competitive business landscape.

Md. Azizul Haque

Head of Manufacturing

Mr. Md. Azizul Haque, General Manager of Manufacturing, has been an integral member of the leadership team since 2009. With a diverse professional background that includes tenures at Zaara Composite Textiles Ltd., Metrocem Group, Base Textiles, and Azim Group, Mr. Haque brings a wealth of experience to his current role. His extensive industry knowledge and leadership skills position him as a key figure in overseeing BSRM’s manufacturing operations in re-rolling and melting, ensuring efficiency, quality, and innovation. Mr. Haque’s tenure underscores his commitment to steering the company toward continuous growth and excellence in the steel manufacturing sector.

Jamil Ahmed

Head of Human Resources

Mr. Jamil Ahmed, Head of Human Resources, has been a key architect in shaping the company’s people strategy since 2013. With a diverse professional background that includes roles at Linde Bangladesh Ltd., Siemens Bangladesh, New Zealand Milk, and ACI, Mr. Ahmed brings a wealth of experience to his HR leadership role. His broad understanding of human resources and people management has contributed to BSRM’s diverse, fair, and professional approach to talent management. Under his guidance, BSRM fosters a positive work culture, talent development, and effective human resource practices, ensuring a skilled and motivated workforce.

Mohinder Singh Hanspal

Head of Rolling

Mr. Mohinder Singh Hanspal, Head of Rolling, has contributed significantly to the manufacturing process of BSRM since 2009. With prior experience at United Steel Industrial Co. in Kuwait and Sunflag Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. in India, Mr. Hanspal brings a wealth of knowledge in rolling processes and steel production. His tenure at international steel firms equipped him with a global perspective, enhancing BSRM’s operational capabilities. Under his leadership, BSRM’s rolling operations are characterized by efficiency, innovation, and a commitment to maintaining high-quality standards in the competitive steel industry.

Bipin Sharma

Head of QMCI & Risk Management

Mr. Bipin Sharma has played a crucial role in the company’s growth and innovation since 2013,  currently serving as the Head of QMCI & Risk Management. With prior experience at SBQ Steels-India, Geosteel-Georgia and PT. Ispat Indo-Indonesia, Mr. Sharma brings a global perspective to the group. His expertise in Quality Management, Compliance, and Risk Management is instrumental in upholding BSRM’s commitment to excellence and operational resilience. Under his leadership, BSRM honors its commitment to robust quality control measures and effective risk mitigation strategies and holds an enviable position as a trustworthy steel company.

Sanjay Mukundbhai Thakkar

Head of Strategic Projects

As the Head of Strategic Projects at BSRM, Mr. Sanjay Mukundbhai Thakkar has been a pivotal force in driving the growth of the company’s assets and infrastructure since 2020. With a rich background that includes notable experiences at Essar Steel Limited, JSW, and Jindal Stainless Ltd. in India, Mr. Thakkar brings a wealth of experience in strategic project management to his current position. His insights towards innovative project execution and operational efficiency have been instrumental in steering BSRM towards successful strategic initiatives and have contributed to the company’s growth and competitiveness in the dynamic steel industry.

Mohammad Imtiaz Uddin Chowdhury

Head of Sales & Marketing

Mr. Mohammad Imtiaz Uddin Chowdhury joined BSRM in 2008 and after serving as the Head of Supply Chain, Mr. Chowdhury transitioned to his current role as Head of Sales and Marketing in 2018. His prior engagements at Vidyut Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd., RAK Ceramics Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd., and Qualitex Group showcase his versatile background. His strategic acumen and dynamic leadership play a pivotal role in shaping BSRM’s market presence. Under his guidance, the sales team has been breaking records every year and has contributed significantly to BSRM’s sustainable growth.

Mohammed Reazul Kabir FCA

Head of Internal Audit

After serving as the Chief Financial Officer at BSRM, Mr. Mohammed Reazul Kabir FCA is currently working as the Head of Internal Audit. He is a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). Since 2007, he has supported BSRM’s vision for transparent financial accounting and has led the team to win various Tax and Finance awards. With a professional journey that spans across esteemed organizations such as CODEC, Rahman Rahman Huq, and Berger Paints Bangladesh, and his extensive background in finance, legal affairs, and strategic financial planning, Mr. Kabir is a key figure in overseeing BSRM’s internal audit functions.

As the Head of Internal Audit, Mr. Kabir is responsible for ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of BSRM’s internal control systems through comprehensive audits, risk assessments, and measures to safeguard the company’s financial health and compliance with regulatory standards.

Mohammad Monir Hossain

Head of Corporate Strategy & Projects

Mr. Mohammad Monir Hossain, Head of Corporate Strategy and Projects, has guided BSRM through a series of diversification and innovation strategies since 2016. With an impressive professional background that includes prior roles in renowned multinational corporations in Bangladesh, such as Glaxo Smithkline Bangladesh Ltd., Reckitt Benckiser (BD) Ltd., and Nestle Bangladesh Ltd., Mr. Hossain brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to his current position.

In his role at BSRM, Mr. Hossain has demonstrated exceptional leadership and a keen understanding of corporate strategy. His contributions have been instrumental in shaping and executing strategic initiatives that align with BSRM’s long-term goals.

A. K. M. Saifuddin Khan

Head of Administration

Head of Administration, Mr. A. K. M. Saifuddin Khan, has been a stalwart presence in managing a diverse administration and security team stationed across various geographical locations. With more than two decades of work experience, he has worked in companies such as Denim Plus (Bangladesh) Ltd., Megatex International Ltd., Unity Industrial (BD) Ltd., and Young International (BD) Ltd. before joining BSRM in 2009.

He is at the forefront of managing the administrative functions of BSRM, overseeing a wide array of responsibilities such as facility management, employee services, liaison, and organizational security. His role is critical to ensure the smooth operation of day-to-day activities, creating an environment conducive to productivity and employee well-being.

Mohammad Yousuf

Head of Estates

As Head of Estates at BSRM, Mr. Mohammad Yousuf has played a crucial role in managing and optimizing the company’s landholdings since 2021. With prior experience at Agrani Bank Limited, Mr. Yousuf brings a unique perspective to his current position. His background in the banking sector leads to a holistic approach towards estate management, emphasizing efficiency and strategic utilization of resources. Under Mr. Yousuf’s leadership, BSRM has benefitted from effective estate planning and management, supporting the company’s overall operational goals and contributing to a sustainable growth trajectory.

Mohammed Tamim Wahid Al-Helal

Head of Information Technology

As the Head of Information Technology at BSRM, Mr. Mohammed Tamim Wahid Al-Helal has been a driving force behind the company’s technological advancements since 2009. With a robust background in the field, he brings a wealth of experience gained from his previous roles at KDS Accessories Limited and KY Steel.

As the Head of the IT department, Mr. Tamim is responsible for spearheading technological initiatives that align with BSRM’s business objectives. This includes implementing innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency, cybersecurity, and efficacy of the digital infrastructure. Given the ever-evolving nature of technology, his role is pivotal in ensuring that BSRM remains at the forefront of industry standards and adapts to emerging trends.

Sanjoy Kumar Ghosh

Head of Supply Chain Management

Mr. Sanjoy Kumar Ghosh has vast experience in BSRM supply chain since 2005 and as the Head of Supply Chain, he has led the team to immense operational efficiency and success. With a robust professional background, Mr. Ghosh brings extensive experience from his tenure at Badsha Group of Companies, providing him with a solid foundation for overseeing the intricate dynamics of supply chain operations.

In his role, Mr. Sanjoy is responsible for optimizing BSRM’s end-to-end supply chain processes, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery of products. His leadership is crucial in managing the complexities associated with the procurement of raw materials, production planning, logistics, and distribution.

Surendra Jagdale

Technical Adviser

Since joining BSRM as the Technical Adviser in 2009, Mr. Surendra Jagdale has played a pivotal role in providing technical expertise and guidance to the team. With a rich professional background, including roles at Taybah Gulf Steel Co. Ltd., Jai Raj Ispat Co. Ltd., and Tower Aluminium (Nigeria) PLC, Mr. Jagdale brings a wealth of experience in the steel and manufacturing industries. Under Mr. Jagdale’s advisory role, BSRM benefits from his extensive knowledge, aiding in technical innovation and ensuring the company remains at the forefront of industry standards.

Ruhi Murshid Ahmed


Ms. Ruhi Murshid Ahmed has played a pivotal role in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) landscape since 2013, having served as the Head of CSR at BSRM and currently contributing as an adviser. With a career marked by a dedication to sustainable business practices and community engagement, she has been instrumental in shaping BSRM’s CSR initiatives.

Before joining BSRM, Ruhi worked as Corporate Banker/ Financial Analyst in Bangladesh Shilpa Bank,  Banque Indosuez, ANZ Grindlays Bank, The Hong Kong Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC), Dhaka Bank Ltd. Scotia Bank, Canada.  Ruhi also worked for Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) Bangladesh, East –West Center and School of Public Health, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, U.S.A.

Kazi Anwar Ahmed


Kazi Anwar Ahmed is the Adviser

Tapan K. Poddar FCA, FCMA

Financial Consultant

Tapan K. Poddar FCA, FCMA is the Financial Consultant

Mahmud Hassan Mansur


Mahmud Hassan Mansur is the Adviser

Humaira Sayeeda


Humaira Sayeeda is the Adviser