• Maintain our leadership positions in the steel industry by-producing the best quality steel products, continuously enhancing customer satisfaction and becoming a reliable business partner of our Customers and Suppliers.
  • Be an employer of choice, with focus on nurturing talent and developing future leaders of the organization.
  • Protect the interest of our shareholders through sustainable growth and value creation.
  • Preserve the trust of all our stakeholders by adopting ethical business practices.
  • Support the society through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

BSRM Values


Consistent improvement in the quality of products and services, efficiency of processes and profitability of business; continuously anticipating and responding to the changing business and environmental needs using innovation; sharing knowledge and experience within the organization


Create products and services valued by our customers; constantly improving our processes through innovation and adopting best practices; reducing wastage; minimizing costs; investing in systems and technology and developing our people to build a highly capable workforce.


Be the preferred business partner of our customers and suppliers by offering quality products; providing our best and timely service before, during and after the business transactions and honoring all our commitments despite challenges.


Preserve the faith and goodwill of all our stakeholders – Customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees, regulatory bodies and society by-adopting ethical and transparent business practices, being fair and honest in all our dealings and building robust governance and risk management processes.


Be a role model, setting benchmarks through our products, processes and people; constantly moving ahead of competition by differentiating our products, innovating our processes, increasing our market share and nurturing talent to develop leaders within the organization.


Acknowledge and fulfill our obligations towards the society by undertaking initiatives for the general uplifting of the society, building capability and making facilities available to the underprivileged.


Delight our external and internal customers at every stage of our interaction with them by truly understanding their needs, offering them our best products and services, treating them with respect and actively seeking and acting on their feedback.