Slag is the Bi-product of Steel manufacturing process and an extremely versatile construction material. BSRM Slag Chips are eco-friendly product with a similar strength compared to brick chips.

Why BSRM Slag Chips:

Fire burnt bricks pollute the air and environment, thus the government decided to phase out the use of bricks by 2025 in all construction works, to reduce air pollution. BSRM Slag Chips are a super alternative product and have versatile applications in the construction industry. BSRM Slag Chips are an eco-friendly product, which ensures sustainable construction practices.

  • Suitable for use in construction work.
  • Environment-friendly, decreases pollution
  • Minimizes depletion of Top Soil
  • Slag Chips are cost-effective compared to brick chips
  • Consistent in Physical and Mechanical properties
  • Collected through completely mechanized and controlled industrial process
Technical Specification of Slag Chips:

Water absorption capacity: 1.5% – 2%

California Bearing Ratio (CBR): 115% – 130%

Aggregated Crushing Value (ACV): 40% – 45%

10% Fines Value (TFV): 75KN – 80 KN

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