BBS and Cut & Bend

Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) is the representation of the bend shapes and cut length of rebar, which are prepared from structural drawings. The BBS describes the location, mark, type, size, length, number, and bending details of each bar in a reinforcement drawing of the structure, presented in a tabular form for easy visual reference.

Cut & Bend Service provides the customized lengths & shapes of the rebar as per the approved BBS following BNBC & ACI Codes. The rebars are delivered along with proper tags.


Stirrups (BSRM Securing)

BSRM SecuRing is a high quality graded stirrups. BSRM SecuRIng is manufactured using European Technology & in accordance with Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) and ACI.


Lapping is the most common & conventional practice for joining
reinforced steel in construction. Additional usages of rebar in lapping
lead to rebar congestion and damage structural integrity.
To address these constructional challenges, BSRM FastBuild brings
high strength mechanical couplers for the first time in Bangladesh,
manufactured by world-renowned Dextra Group.



BSRM FastBuild is the country’s first and only customized steel solution service center. FastBuild brings Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR) for the first time in Bangladesh with state-of-the-art European technology, to eliminate construction waste and save time in the construction of floor, roof concrete slabs and road pavements.