Lapping is the most common & conventional practice for joining reinforced steel in construction. Additional usages of rebar in lapping lead to rebar congestion and damage structural integrity. To address these constructional challenges, BSRM FastBuild brings high strength mechanical couplers for the first time in Bangladesh, manufactured by world-renowned Dextra Group.

Benefits of Coupler

  • Reduces rebar congestion
  • Reduces rebar wastage
  • Fast & hassle-free construction
  • Higher structural integrity
  • Easy future extension
  • Compliance with BNBC

Couplers are fully compliant with BNBC 2020 & ACI 318-19. Both of which do not permit lapping on bar diameters of 36 mm or larger.
BSRM offers 3 types of couplers: Bartec, Unitec and RepairGrip, available for bar diameters of 12 to 50 mm (RepairGrip up to 40 mm)


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