World Standards Day 2022 – No Standards, No Safety


Safety lies at the core of BSRM’s brand essence. And that safety comes from fully complying with the right standards. And to BSRM, the word “Standard” means the safety of the people.


BSRM’s goal is to build a safer and better nation; a philosophy that BSRM embraces from within, which is reflected in our every task and endeavor.


BSRM is proud to be the country’s first and foremost standards-compliant steel producer and has consistently taken on the challenge to upgrade and maintain its technological edge to make steel that conforms to the most demanding global standards. From selecting raw materials, to plant and process technologies to employee training, we maintain standards that are world-class and second to none. And BSRM not only complies with global standards but also conducts rigorous quality checks every 15 minutes.