Keep Smiling (Cleft Lip Project)

Cleft lip and cleft palate are birth defects, according to medical science. In a low income family when a child is born with such defects, the child’s treatment can’t be ensured due to parent’s financial condition. Most often the mother of the children is blamed are blamed for child’s deformity, worsening the situation in respective families. These children in most cases are deprived of education as they are not welcomes in school. When they grow up, their life becomes tougher as they fail to make a better living just because of their academic debacle. They are even neglected in the society. Keeping all these issues in mind, Child Health Awareness Foundation (CHAF) signed a deal to raise funds, on a cost sharing basis. As many as 900 children underwent surgeries under first phase of the project, with BSRM funding 85 surgeries at a local private hospital. In 2021, BSRM bear expenses of 55 surgeries.