Renaming “BRAC University School of Engineering” to the “BSRM School of Engineering”

BSRM and BRAC University jointly announced the renaming of its engineering school as the BSRM School of Engineering. It will recruit world-class faculty over the next several years, fund cutting-edge research in key impact areas and promote curriculum innovation. The contribution by BSRM to the University’s endowment will also provide for a number of merit-based scholarships, including five full-tuition awards for engineering students.
“Following our longstanding tradition of giving that was established by the founders of BSRM Group, we continually seek meaningful ways to impact key drivers of sustainable development in Bangladesh. We are pleased to make this gift to enable a new generation of engineers to be ready to accept the challenges for designing and building sustainable solutions,” said Aameir Alihussain, Managing Director, BSRM Group.

Founded by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, BRAC University was established to create and empower communities with ethical leaders who will spearhead positive change for greater social inclusion. Evidence of this continues to be seen throughout the institutes, schools, departments and centres, with students and faculty engaged in multidisciplinary research and collaborating on a host of initiatives that ultimately benefit society. “We welcome the gift from BSRM Group of Companies as the University embarks on a path of transformation to lead global discourses on innovation for development and social progress, while remaining steadfast in the spirit of its founding,” said Tamara Hasan Abed, Chairperson, Board of Trustees, BRAC University.

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