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Xtreme B500CWR is a high strength reinforcing steel for general purpose construction of low and medium-rise commercial and residential buildings and bridges. It is the steel of choice among home builders. It is used in the design and construction of Ordinary and Intermediate moment frames of reinforced concrete (RC) buildings, whenever high strength for the economy and high ductility for safety is required. BSRM’s Xtreme B500CWR conforms to BS 4449: 2009 Grade 500 and BDS ISO 6935-2-2016 Grade B500CWR. It also complies with the provisions of the Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC). The new Grade B500CWR has a minimum Tensile Strength to Yield Strength (T/Y) Ratio: 1.15


BSRM Maxima

BSRM Maxima the new grade 80 reinforcing steel is appropriate for application in the country’s growing infrastructure like power plants, large river crossing bridges, water retaining structure, flyovers, high rise buildings and railroads.


BSRM Ultima

The country’s Key Point Installations (KPI) like hospitals, schools, airports, fire brigades where special moment resisting frames are required to survive the earthquakes are the primary users of BSRM Ultima. The structures have to be reinforced with ‘strain hardening’ steel and designed with special moment frames as per the guidelines of the Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC).

BSRM Centura

BSRM Centura is suitable for any structures in coastal beds where rebar can be induced by salt water and environment. Service life of the structure can be enhanced by using FBECR. Specially prescribed for the structures which have been submerged with water like bridges, culvert, water treatment plant, ETP plant etc.


BSRM Xtrong

Xtrong Angle is perfect for use in trusses of factory buildings, telecommunication towers and power transmission towers. Xtrong channel is suitable for use in fabrication of truck and trailer bodies and in the construction of buildings.


BSRM Square bar

BSRM Square bar can be used in articulate design of the structures. It can be used to construct window grills, staircase railing, entrance gates, steel furniture etc.


BSRM Fast Build Services

We have 4 types of Fast Build Services. They are: